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The „Schusters Rappen“ is the most beautiful way to discover our landscape with the old-grown forests. Ramblers and a growing number of bicyclists already explore the nature around the mountain-crest trail. Why wouldn’t you be the next? Even our youngest or everybody who prefers a more relaxed way of transportation can take the e-bike to get an overwhelming view of this area.

During winter time cross-country skiing is probably the most famous activity. The ski-tracks on top and around the mountain-crest trail invite you to discover the magical nature.

Ski-tracks Hammerbrücke and highland

OrtsliopeThe Hammerbrucke ski-track of approx. 6 km starts next to our doorstep. Especially night owls like the well-lit track on three days of the week. The 10 km highland track in contrast provides untouched forest paths and connects you to the mountain-crest track to Schoneck-Johanngeorgenstadt. All ski-tracks are well prepared throughout the winter season.

Hiking on top of the mountain-crest trail

WandernThe tourist information center of the „Erzgebirge“ and „Vogtland“ invites everybody to join us and discover the crest trail of „Erzgebirge-Vogtland“. The trail connects the states of Saxony, Bavaria and Thuringia along the vacation area of Erzgebirge, Vogtland, Franken and Thuringia. At the beginning of the old city of Altenberg in the eastern area of the Erzgebirge the trail guides you through the Vogtland on top of the famous Rennsteig trail in the Thuringian forest. More than 289 km in a remarkable nature could be explored.

Mountain-bike tours

Mit dem Mountainbike unterwegsMost of the well-known tracks into the valley begin on top of the mountain. Along the mountain-crest new rivers arise of the Zwickauer Mulde and Ohre. Together with the tracks through the mountains we can guarantee you diversified and challenging tours along a beautiful landscape.

Skiing on the mountrains-crest

The track belongs to the longest and most beautiful ones of the Vogtland. It connects the skiing resort of the Erzgebirge and will be an unforgettable experience for everyone how loves romantic landscapes in an untouched nature.

Bicycle tracks of the Vogtland

Radfahren - hier an der Talsperre MuldenbergThe Goltzschtal track guides you next to our doorstep. You start at the Vogtland stadium in the little town of Klingenthal. After a length of approx. 50 km you crown your arrival at the biggest bricks made bridge in the world, the bridge of Goltzschtal in Mylau. If that is not enough, take the exit in Falkenstein for another 20 km at the Falkenstein-Oelsnitz track. This former railroad line is used as a connection between the Goltztal and Elstertal track and leads you to the nearly 80 years old river dam in Pirk. The Elstertal track is probably the longest one with its 250 km. It starts at the river head of the white Elster in As – Czech Republic and ends in the Saale near Halle. More information about our bicycle tracks and the E-bike renting can be find on: